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Volunteers from Campus Lutheran Church in Columbia, MO will spend July 12-22 in Alaska, leading Vacation Bible School outreach ministries in Anchor Point.  By following this blog you can keep up-to-date with the VBS teams and learn how God is at work on the Kenai Peninsula.


Prayer Itinerary for

Campus LutheranAlaska Mission Team

July 12th – July 22​ ​nd, 2018

We invite you to pray daily with us and for us as we lead Vacation Bible School ministries on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula.  We value your presence with us in thought and prayer. 

“Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.”  –​ Acts 8:4

Thursday, July 12th (Travel – Fly from St. Louis, MO to Anchorage, AK)

†     Pray for good health and safety as we travel.  We will be leaving from Kansas City mid-morning and arriving in Anchorage in the late evening.

†     Pray that our hearts and minds are prepared for servanthood so that God will use us in His ministry for good blessing.

†     Pray that loved ones at home may be kept safe and healthy while we are away.

Friday, July 13th (Alaska Mission for Christ Orientation – Anchorage)                       

†     Pray for our introduction and adaptability into a new setting.

†     Pray for some rest and stamina as we transition from travel to our “new home” for the week.

†     Pray for:  Jan Bruick (Volunteer Coordinator for AMC). Jan’s responsibilities include preparing us for the differences in the culture in which we will be immersed.

Saturday, July 14th (Purchase supplies, travel to Anchor Point, and organize for VBS)

†      Pray that we are able to adapt and be flexible to all challenges and changes that we may face.

†      Pray for our group that we may support, love and build each other up during our time of serving.

†      Pray for team member: Jen Pierce

Sunday, July 15th (Worship together and meet our hosts)​                                               

†      Pray for our time of worship with our hosts.

†      Ask God to give our group cooperation, ambition, and teamwork while we work hard to serve the children and families of Anchor Point.

†      Pray for:  ​ Ruhiyyih Baker (Deaconess at Faith, Homer). Our AMC contact in Anchor Point who comes along side our team to support us in our local needs.

Monday, July 16th (VBS – God’s heroes have Heart… Samuel anoints David. 1 Samuel 16:1-12 )                                                                                                                                           

†      As we meet new people, pray that our actions and our words would be reflections of Christ and that others would be strengthened and encouraged by us.

†      Pray that as we help others learn more about Jesus, we also continue to grow in His word.  Especially keep our daily Bible study and devotion time lifted up to God.

†      Pray for team member:  ​Hannah Nacarato

Tuesday, July 17th (VBS – God’s heroes have Courage… Abigail saves the day. 1 Samuel 25 )                                                                                                                                     

†      Pray for the Holy Spirit’s presence as we share the Gospel story.

†      Pray that, in the flurry of events and opportunities upon us, we continue to remember the true meaning of being a servant and follower of Jesus.

†      Pray for team member: Mary Anne Wolfmeyer

Wednesday, July 18th (VBS – God’s heroes have Wisdom… Jesus goes to the temple. Luke 2:41-52 )                                                                                                                                 

†      Pray for our relationship with Jesus, that we are able to give joyfully of ourselves while sharing God’s love.

†      Pray that God will guide and encourage the ministries of the churches on the Kenai Peninsula.

†      Pray for team member:  Luke Lilienkamp

Thursday, July 19th (VBS – God’s heroes have Hope… Beatitudes. Matthew 4:23- 5:12 )

†      Pray that God consistently extends His love through our thoughts, works, and prayers.

†      Pray that we may be filled with the Holy Spirit and be focused on the Word, especially in our evening Bible study and devotions.

†      Pray for team member:  ​Brian Ross

Friday, July 20th (VBS – God’s heroes have Power… Pentecost. Acts 2:1-41 )              

†      Pray that we are filled with peace & joy during our remaining time in Anchor Point.

†      Pray for both VBS teams as they complete their time onsite and ask God to bless their final day with the children and families they’ve gotten to know this week.

†      Pray for team member:  Matt Nacarato

Saturday, July 21st   (Local Travel Day – travel to Anchorage)​                                       

†      Pray for our safe travel back to Anchorage.

†      Pray for all of the children who we have met this week, that they and their families will continue to know and grow in Christ’s love.

†      Pray for missionaries around the world and for the opportunities you have to share Christ.                                                                                                                                                  †      Pray for team member:  Jen Pierce

Sunday, July 22nd (Worship at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church & Departure)​ 

†      Pray for our time of worship with the people of Beautiful Savior in Anchorage.

†      Give thanks for God’s work in us, through us, and among us this past week.

†      Pray for our safe travel back home at the end of our stay in Alaska.

†      Pray for team member:  Mary Anne Wolfmeyer

We thank God for your sincere prayers and daily support!  Your financial gifts have been a wonderful blessing.   We appreciate your participation in this meaningful journey!  We are blessed to have had you as a part of our team.  Without you, our trip would have been impossible.

May all praise and glory be given to God alone!




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