Changing Course…

For seven years now, Campus Lutheran has been sending a volunteer team to Anchor Point, Alaska to lead Vacation Bible School.  In 2016 my daughter Norah and I served on our congregation’s Alaska Mission Team as a father/daughter duo and planned on doing so again as part of this year’s team.  However, due to recent surges of Covid-19 and the risks associated with this pandemic, none of our team members will be going to Alaska this year.

Norah-Kent_AK2016Less than a month ago, with encouragement from our host community and appropriate Covid-19 safety measures, our team was still planning to travel to Anchor Point.  However, as our departure date drew closer and Covid-19 risks did not decrease, our team decided to cancel our in-person VBS in Anchor Point and provide a virtual VBS in its place.  Protecting the safety of our friends in Alaska and our team members is the most responsible way we can serve God and His people right now.

So, what’s next?  We will still provide VBS for the Anchor Point community.  Our team is currently preparing “Virtual VBS” kits that will be shipped to Anchor Point families.  These kits will allow children to experience Bible lessons and songs via video and will include materials for hands-on projects.  Thankfully, we live in a time when technology allows us to connect with one another even when we can’t do so in person!

Norah-Rocky Railyway 2020Our Alaska Mission Team is also already planning to return to Anchor Point in 2021.  Team members will be able to apply the value of their airline tickets toward next summer’s travel.  We give thanks for all of your prayers and support!  Stay tuned for future blog updates to learn more about “Virtual VBS” and how we will continue to serve Christ and His people in Alaska.

Serving Jesus with you, Pastor Kent