God’s Creation

Hello Brothers and sisters in Christ!
Today was the Alaska Mission team’s treat day because we wrapped up Vacation Bible School yesterday. Earlier in the year we booked a boat tour of Kenai Fjords Tours in Seward Alaska. It was a treat that we are all thankful for. It was an eyeopening experience of God’s beautiful and abundant creation that He created. We were blessed with the opportunity to see several animals and landscapes. One thought that stood out to me is that God’s Creation of everything is truly amazing and breathtaking. I was able to see things for the first time including sea animals, mountains, glaciers, and the ocean. I truly realize that not only did God create the heavens and the earth, but he created them in a way that reflects His wonderful and loving being in a special way presented to us to see and be thankful for. But you don’t just need to look at these specific examples to see it. You can see these things in little ways such as when it rains, seeing the seasons change, and in seeing little acts of love and generosity.
In Christ’s love,  Amy ZimmerschiedIMG_1861IMG_1877IMG_1888IMG_1921IMG_1923

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