Sharing God’s Goodness

Today was our final day at Roar VBS in Anchor Point. It was filled with excitement and anticipation. The kids were so full of energy, that if they wanted to start a mutiny we would have been done for. We had 49 participants, as well as 4 youth helpers. We actually had so many kids this week that we started running out of supplies, but that didn’t stop us from having a blast learning about God’s everlasting love and goodness.

Earlier in the week, we told the children that we would be taking donations to help the Alaska Mission for Christ. We made it a competition between the boys and the girls, and they were overwhelmed with excitement to see who won. At the beginning of VBS today we asked the kids if they had any God sightings from the last day. Like most days many of the children said things such as, animals, parents, siblings. But a number of the kids said that our VBS team was their God sighting. That made all of us feel very special. I told the kids that one of my God sightings was all of them, and their excitement to bring donations to help the AMC send more teams like us out to places in Alaska to do VBS with othe kids.

Finally, it was time. The wait was over. Durring the first day at VBS, we used a balance scale to demonstrate fair and unfair, and that if we change our perspective, God’s goodness will outweigh all of the unfair things in life. In the demonstration we used a bucket of rocks to represent fair and unfair. We also used an overflowing bucket of rocks to represent God’s goodness. Every time we had an offering update I would remove rocks from God’s goodness and add it to the guys and gals buckets, to help show the kids that they were helping to spread God’s goodness to all the children in Alaska. As I moved stones into the bucket and placed them on the scale you could feel the excitement growing to see who would win. The group as a whole brought in just shy of $400.00!!!! The guys ended up winning by less than $7.00! It was awesome to see just how generous the small community of Anchor Point can be. It was a great reminder of our Bible point for the day, “When life is good… God Is Good!!!”

Another person that really sticks out to me as a generous giver of their time and talents while we are on our mission, is our friend Gretchen. She used to be the DCE at Faith Lutheran in Homer. They did not have a VBS this year, but Gretchen was a huge help to us this year at our VBS. From making extra copies of CDs, helping Hannah with registration, bring us last minute supplies that we needed, even staying behind after VBS today and helping us clean up the church! She was an awesome God sighting this week and I pray that God would continue to bless her with a generous giving heart. She never misses an opportunity to spread the love of Jesus to anyone, and I am thankful for her each and every year!

Your brother in Christ, Luke Lilienkamp

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