Jesus Day

July 18, 2019

This morning started off a little slow as we were all tired from yesterday’s walk on the Homer Spit. Around 8:40am, the first kid showed up to the church for VBS. We quickly got into gear and waited for everyone else to arrive. Today we had 49 kids! God has truly blessed us this year with a high number of kiddos.


Today at VBS, we talked about Jesus’ death and resurrection. In past years, the team dubbed today as “Jesus day” in reference to so. We talked about sadness and bad things that have happened to us, but then reminded the kids that God is more powerful than any obstacle that we face and that He is GOOD!

After VBS, we ate lunch at the church. We then headed to a super secret location with Gretchen, an amazing woman who has been helping our team since our first year in Anchor Point. She showed us how to pick wild Alaskan blueberries. We picked for an hour and collected about half of an ice cream bucket’s worth. Back at the church, Mary Ann cooked some of the blueberries and made syrup.

After berry picking, we all headed to the home of the Baker family, who have also been at VBS with the team since the first year. They have a big family and we all enjoyed playing with the kiddos. Mr. and Mrs. Baker made a delicious dinner for us.

Finally, to complete our day, we went back to the church and enjoyed some ice cream with the blueberry syrup that Mary Anne made.

Its 12:30am here and most of the team has gone to bed. Tomorrow is our last day of VBS then we head to Seward in the afternoon. It’s hard to believe this week has gone by so fast, but we are already talking of plans to return next year! God is good!

-Jenna Bohler

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