Faith can move mountains, and so can glaciers.

Good evening all of my brothers and sisters in Christ! It has been a great day, and we have been blessed by all of the beauty that God has given us to enjoy here in Alaska, as we prepare to serve His name. The day started with trip to Walmart to get some last minute supplies in Anchorage, as well as some food for the road.

Soon after we left Anchorage, we stopped at a turnout to look over the Turnigan Arm at the mountains in front of us as well as behind us. Jenna and Amy got to see their first bit of wildlife, two Dall’s Sheep. One of the first reminders that God has made some amazing things in his creation and that He cares for every one of them. The Dall’s Sheep live high on ridges and can scale cliffs that I would not even dream of attempting to scale. They, without hesitation, walk along these steep cliffs, trusting the grace and dexterity that God has blessed them with. It makes me jealous to see such an amazing display of blind faith in the gifts that God has given them.

After getting to see the sheep, we loaded up and headed on down the road. We made a slight detour to go visit the Byron Glacier. As we approached the glacier, Gods beautiful creation was on display in all of its glory!


We got to see how much the glacier has receded since our last visit, as well as climb around on some of the snow that was left from the past winter. After walking around on the snow, Bryan, Jenna, and I decided to try our hand at being Dall’s Sheep. We climbed around on a huge pile of mountain rocks trying to get a better view of the glacier, and a better view of all of the amazing things that God had blessed Alaska with.

Climbing around on the mountain rocks and the snow got me thinking about faith. It was very apparent, looking out at the glacier, that it takes an enormous physical mass to move a mountain. But Jesus told us that it only takes a faith the size of a mustard seed to move a mountain!

Which brings us back to the sheep. They wholly trust God to take care of them every day, and without hesitation, use the blessings that they have been given to keep moving. So then, I ask, why is it so difficult for us to just trust in God, with a faith the size of a mustard, and move mountain? Some of us are comfortable going out and wearing our faith on our sleeves, and sharing the good news of Christ with whomever we can. Others of us hesitate, and wish to stay in our comfort zones, sharing when its convenient, or when someone asks. I challenge all of you, next time an opportunity to share God’s amazing love with someone arises, think of the Dall’s Sheep. Just go forward with the many blessings that God has given you, so not hesitate, and you will be blessed ten fold.

Your brother in Christ, Luke Lilienkamp


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