Jesus Saves Me!

THURSDAY, JULY 11, 2019:

Today at Miraculous Mission, MaryAnne and I were able to help 13 children learn about Jesus dying for our sins. The fun part was seeing the reactions. The children got to dress up and act out the story… and they were so excited to do it! They read with enthusiasm  they had facial expressions, and they were so happy that they got to wear costumes. We have taught this particular story almost every time we’ve come up here and we know why; it is the most important story. But to see these children absorb the lesson so wholeheartedly was enlightening. Jesus came to earth to save us all. Not just Christians, not just adults, not just children. Everyone.

We’ve enjoyed getting to teach and know a different group of friends and I like to think they’ve had fun getting to know us and Jesus as well. Tomorrow the children get to bring their families with them to VBS and I think they’ll be excited to show what they’ve been up to this week.

God bless,

Hannah Nacarato

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