Campus Lutheran in Alaska: Act 2

July 11, 2019

Last Thursday, our sisters in Christ Hannah and Mary Anne departed for Alaska to serve the community of Sterling.  Today, four more members (Jenna, Amy, Bryan, and Luke) left for Alaska to serve the community of Anchor Point.  We’ll be meeting up with Hannah and Mary Anne tomorrow, and then Saturday the six of us will depart for Anchor Point where we will be hosting a VBS program for the children there.

We learn in Acts, Chapter 2 in verses 42-47 how the early believers came together during Pentecost.  They ate, learned, worshiped, and had fellowship together.  But they also served together.  The six of us are six individuals, but together we are a team.  And like the early Christians in Jerusalem, we will be sharing meals with one another; we will be having devotions and worship together; and we will have fellowship with one another.  But more importantly, we are here to serve together.  Verse 47 closes out Chapter 2 by saying “and the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.”  We pray that through our work here in Alaska, the number of those saved is increasing.  The time needed to prepare for teams from Campus Lutheran to come to Alaska each summer is about 11 months.  Those 11 months of preparation translate to only 11 days in Alaska for us to reach others with God’s word.  Our team will be making the best use of that limited time to grow God’s kingdom.

Serving Christ,

Bryan Ross


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