Too Many to Count

JULY 9, 2019

Day 2 at Miraculous Mission VBS. We grew to a group of 14 today, with everyone returning and a few bringing friends and cousins.  Today’s take-home point was ‘God Keeps His Word.’  Our story focused on how God promised Abram to make his descendants outnumber the stars – and how He kept that promise through Abraham’s descendant Jesus and all of us in the family of Christ.  The kids learned the Bible memory verse of the day, 2 Samuel 7:28, and played a rousing game of Too Many to Count.  It’s fun getting to know the kids and their personalities.  Spending time with the children is definitely the highlight of my trip!

After finishing preparations for tomorrow, Roberta helped us connect with a church member who has some physical limitations and needed some assistance with a few projects around the house.  The big project was weeding her strawberry patch.  Only a few strawberry plants were lost in the effort, and one or two strawberries may have been sampled (with permission – and they were delicious!).  We enjoyed getting to know Bea, and her beautiful dog, Sugar. Hannah and I were glad to be able to give back in some small way to the community hosting us this week.

After a hard day of work, we topped it off with a delicious meal of moose tacos (#MexicanMoose).  They were delicious and we greatly appreciate Roberta and Bill being willing to share a new experience with us.

In Christ –

Mary Anne



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