“You Can Tell That it is, Because the Way That it is”

Faith is not really something you see. And faith, I’ve found, isn’t easy to explain to someone who doesn’t want to believe it. My faith is very important to me; without it I wouldn’t have Christ in my life. I have friends who don’t believe in Jesus and when they ask how and why I do, I tell them faith. I’ve been surrounded by people with faith my entire life and I’m sometimes surprised when I hear a story about someone whose faith was shaken or has, in their words, ‘disappeared.’ Faith is believing and not necessarily physically seeing or touching something. I heard a story here in Alaska about someone who became discouraged and quit going to church for a significant length of time. However, this individual found a different church and has since become very involved in their church. I told this person that their faith is very strong. I feel that on this mission trip we are not only here to encourage faith in others but to strengthen our own faith. For how can one encourage faith in others if one does not have faith oneself? And don’t worry about whether or not you can see it or help understand it… You’ll know that it is, because the way that it is.

Peace and blessings,

Hannah Nacarato

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