The Lord Giveth…

FRIDAY, JULY 5, 2019:

Greetings friends, family, and supporters! We had a sunny, hot day in Anchorage today.  We thought we were coming to cooler weather but apparently we brought it with us. It created a packing challenge but I think we’ll make it. Record breaking heat this week with 90s on Thursday and today 84. Whew! Today we were gathering supplies for our week in Sterling, AK and we were having trouble finding certain items such as a toy telescope. In last night’s devotion we discussed Joseph and how God used him to save Egypt and the surrounding areas from the famine. It was brought up that God provides physical needs but some people don’t always know or understand that concept. God used Joseph to provide physical needs and He is using us the same way. God ended up providing us with not only a toy telescope but other items when we spoke of our woes with Darlene Lilienkamp. She showed us the ‘Mission Mall’ at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church. It’s a collection of random toys and items that teams can rifle through and take what they can use while out in the mission field. God provides the physical needs for us so that we can provide the insight to spiritual needs to those we are serving.

In Christ,

Hannah Nacarato

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