SUNDAY, JULY 7, 2019:

Today we worshiped with our hosts here in Sterling, Bill and Roberta Hilgendorf. Bill serves as the pastor not only at Sterling Lutheran Church but also in Cooper Landing and Roberta plays piano for both services as well. We were blessed to receive a meal provided by the small (to us) congregation and had the chance to speak with a woman we hope to serve in some fashion later this week. Pastor Bill presented a sermon about peace. Specifically the true peace which comes from the promise of eternal life through Jesus. We have Christ’s peace flowing in and out among us. Jesus taught his disciples to say, “Peace to this house,” when he sent them out into the world to spread the good news of the true peace through eternal life with Jesus. Pastor Bill then asked, “Is there peace in your house? In your neighbor’s house? In your house of worship? In yourself?” We all long for the understanding peace even if we don’t know it. God calls us to spread that peace. Peace is a part of our mission here in Sterling and every where we go.

To God be the glory!

Hannah Nacarato

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