Unexpected Blessings

We ended our mission in Anchor Point successfully and sadly. The children were so sad to see us go and we were equally sad to leave them. Today our theme was God’s Heroes have Power! And they do indeed! Today we were able to serve 32 children; some of which the parents said the kids wouldn’t miss it for anything. The participants also raised over $345 for Alaska Mission for Christ this week! A powerful blessing indeed.

I wanted to blog today about some blessings we received this week. We were gifted with a fresh catch of salmon from one of the families. Today, for lunch, the families wanted to give back to us and some of the parents brought in and cooked us lunch. It was very good! We were very thankful. Bryan told you about the blessing of our rental truck last night. And tonight, we have been blessed again.

We were originally going to stay at a Lutheran church in Seward this evening but communication failed and we were going to have to sleep in our six passenger truck at a campsite. We were starting to worry again because the campsites were seemingly all full. Then Hannah started calling around. The other Lutheran church didn’t answer but the Sacred Heart Catholic Church did. Hannah asked for only shelter and a floor to sleep on but the kind gentleman not only provided that but also went through the trouble of finding sleeping mats so we wouldn’t be directly on the floor. God’s blessings know no bounds!

Matt Nacarato

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