God’s Heroes Have Wisdom

Today we learned about Jesus as a young child in the temple. The kids had a great time acting out the story, playing games, and even doing some fun crafts. Part of today’s VBS included some science experiments. Below is a video of myself (Luke) doing one of the experiments, where we learned about  one of my favorite superpowers that God shares with us, His Love.

The first part of the experiment was shown to us in the VBS materials, but the second part of the experiment was discovered while I was practicing before the kids arrived.  While trying to find the bet way to do the experiment, God decided that Luke , that’s me, was going to learn something new today.  He was also kind enough to give me the wisdom to apply my new found knowledge to our lesson for the day. I apologize for the video being sideways, but God only saw fit to teach me one new trick today, and who am I to argue.


During our Bible story for today, we learned that we don’t have to wait until we grow up to be big and strong to be heroes for God. We learned that Jesus was showing the traits of a hero even at 12 years old! The kids then reflected on how they could also be heroes for God, even while they are still kids. Some of them gave examples such as , helping someone who is hurt, or teaching someone about God. I think that some of us often forget, that even the little things that we do for people, help to spread the love of God. All we have to do is have the wisdom to know when God is giving us the opportunity to spread his love.

Your brother in Christ,

Luke Lilienkamp

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