God’s Heroes Have Courage

We are officially 2 for 2 on amazing days at Anchor Point VBS.  The weather was beautiful, the team was prepped, and the kids were enthusiastic and ready to go!

Today’s story was about Abigail and how she demonstrated courage – courage in going against what she knew was wrong, courage going up against the unknown, and courage in choosing the path of peace.  The kids reflected on and shared about how they can show courage in their daily lives, especially when it would be easier to do nothing.  

My favorite part about our VBS this year is that the students are active participants in sharing the daily Bible story.  Each day, a different Hero Crew is responsible for telling the story, using scripts and costumes.  It’s amazing to see how much more attentive the other Crew’s are when their friends are telling the story, versus a pre-recorded video.  The actors and their audience have been a joy to watch this week.  It’s such a blessing to see young kids share stories from the Bible with eagerness and sincerity.  And there are no small parts – even if ‘Hee Haw’ is your only line, you can still steal the show!

After wrapping up for the day the team ran some errands to restock, and then we hit the beach in Anchor Point for a picnic style dinner.  Our surroundings are a continual reminder of God’s awesome power and love.  From the volcanoes that formed our skyline, to the bald eagles that were hanging completely unfazed by our intrusion, to the uncooperative otter that insisted on going under water every time I tried to take a picture, it was easy to feel God’s presence.  One of my favorite things to do on the Alaska beaches is to look at the plentiful rocks that line the sand.  More than a few (ok, a LOT more than a few), have managed to make their way back to Columbia over the years.  Last year I was inspired to use some of the rocks I found to create a Nativity (another item that also seems to find their way into my home in bulk).  This year, that inspiration continued.  As we walked the beach I found pieces to make a new set (or 2, or 3, or…I may have a problem…).  I love how Nativities remind us of the miracle of the birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, and God’s Promise fulfilled.  And, I love that the Nativities I’ve collected over the year’s remind me of joyful times and places.   A Nativity that is unique to this part of Alaska, and that has ties to both my faith and the amazing gift I’ve been given of being able to participate in this mission is something that I will treasure always.  Although, at this rate, I’m not sure that I’ll come in under the 50 lb weight limit for the flight home!

Your Sister In Christ – 

Mary Anne

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