God’s Heroes have Heart!

This week at VBS, I Hannah, am leading the Reflection Station. In this station, I ask questions about the bible story of the day and help the participants learn how it applies to their own lives.

Today the story was about Samuel being led by God to go and anoint David, the new king to be. Samuel was not very happy to take this assignment but ended up doing so anyway. We also read that Samuel looks for the strongest, most handsome son of Jesse because Samuel was looking on the outside.

God, luckily, was guiding Samuel and told him, “No. Not that one,” over and over until He finally had him get David. God saw David’s heart and cared nothing about his youth, short stature, or job of shepherding. God saw a good heart and knew that this person was the person He wanted. This decision surprised many but as most of us know, David went on to do great things.

In reflecting, the participants were asked to give me examples of what they take care of and how. Most responded with animals of some sort and feeding and watering said animals. But then I was directed to ask them to guess another person they need to take care of so their heart can grow closer to God. They tried to name family members before I said, “Yourself!” They then went on to name some actions they could do to take good care of themselves and how they could demonstrate their good hearts to others.

I like this lesson because it’s a good reminder. Most of the time on mission trips we are focusing so much on serving others and taking care of others that we forget about ourselves. But we can’t take care of others if we aren’t also caring for ourselves. This can mean caring physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I think this years team has heroes with heart. There were so many  positive comments about how our VBS session went today amongst our team; and that is not always the case. I am so happy to continue serving with this team this week as we continue to grow closer to God and seek out the good hearts in those we are serving and each other.

Your sister in Christ,

Hannah Nacarato

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