Quiet!  Be calm and VBS on

Today began with some fellowship time with two other teams heading out to villages only accessible by plane. Gretchen (formerly of Faith in Homer and support to our team) was accompanying one of those teams. It was very nice to see her since she will not be in the Anchor Point area during our VBS time. We all exchanged hugs, news, and blessing on our upcoming VBS experiences in our villages.

Once we had our Suburban packed, we headed off in the direction of Anchor Point. The day has been overcast and cool (low 50s), leading us thinned blood folks to wanting a different pace to boost our energy. We decided to stop in Girdwood and hike. We hiked on the Winners Creek trail which includes the opportunity to cross a fast moving (and I’m sure COLD) river in a hand-powered tram. With a 30 foot distance from tram to river, for some of us (me), that is a knee knocking experience.

Matthew 4:40 He said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

No, I’m not just throwing in a random verse so this looks like a good Mission Trip blog. This verse was part of our Bible reading in our study yesterday which I was reminded of today. In Matthew 4:35-41, the disciples are in the middle of a storm and Jesus is sleeping in the stern of the boat. The disciples wake Jesus in full fear. Jesus says “Quiet! Be calm” to the storm. Immediately the winds end and Jesus poses those questions mentioned above. How would you answer? I know I struggle to come up with an answer I can be proud of.

Why mention this after the tram story? I have a fear of heights. This can cause me to miss out on experiences I would like to have because I struggle in trusting and letting of control. Yet, Jesus asks me the same questions. Granted, He doesn’t want me to do something that will completely endanger my life just because I have the choice to do so. BUT He does want to remind me that He’s got this. I don’t have to be afraid because He’s in control whether it is on the tram or doing Vacation Bible School in Anchor Point.  Wow!  How calming it is to know that He has got it for me.

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