Don’t leave home without IT

Our Alaska mission team has landed safely! We’ve made it through our first day in Anchorage and are ready to make our journey to Anchor Point tomorrow. Most of us are old hat at this particular mission trip but sometimes you might still forget to pack something.

Our morning today started with a devotion led by Luke and my cousins, Darlene and Carl Lilienkamp. We started with this reminded, “Don’t leave home without IT.” We were asked what is IT? Faith? Hope? Courage? While all of these things are important, one trait we must make sure we have when serving is humbleness. A mission trip isn’t just about serving the Lord, but serving others through the Lord and in His name. This means put others ahead of yourself or helping someone without considering the cost of time or discomfort. LISTENING to others. Most of the time your biggest impact on someone is a surprise to you.

The devotion went on to discuss the story in Mark’s gospel about Jesus calming the storm. Carl talked about the gospel of Mark being full of action. ‘And then’ or ‘and when’ or ‘next they’ and so on. I thought this was appropriate considering the theme of our VBS, Hero Central. Superheroes are all about action and are also humble. Jesus was the disciples’ hero when calming that storm and He is our superhero today and every day.

I think our team is ready to be humble superheroes to the people in Anchor Point and anyone else we might meet along the way. We want to thank everyone for their generosity and support for this opportunity to humbly serve; for what is a mission trip without humble, super support? THANK YOU!

And remember… Do Good! Seek Peace! And Go After It!

Your sister in Christ,

Hannah Nacarato

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