Lots of God Sightings!

Today we woke up from our beds, that happen to be church pews last night, at 6:30 A.M. It probably was not all of our favorite things to wake up that early, but we were getting up for a good reason. Today we were blessed to be able to go on an eight hour boat tour. It was probably the most sunny day we’ve seen in Alaska so far, which worked out perfectly. We had checked in and waited to board. As we boarded we were told it was a sold out boat tour and the boat was filled. Even from the beginning the views were absolutely amazing. It makes me really thank God for creating such beautiful nature. We had miraculous luck with our sightings. In total we saw: various amounts of birds (including Horned and Tufted Puffins, a Bald Eagle and many different kinds of gulls), at least 8 Humpback Whales, Harbor Seals, a Sea Otter, Stellar Sea Lions, and even a Killer Whale! I had even teared up at one point during the tour. We were in a spot where there were about 3 or 4 whales eating, so they were surfacing a lot. Being in nature and seeing the animals in their own habitat really remind me of God’s amazing work. Not only did the animals amaze, but the glaciers and mountains were astonishing!  Everything really took my breathe away and I really have to thank the Maker for everything. After the great boat ride, we went to downtown Seward and ate. We are nowhere our way back to Anchorage where we will go to church in the morning and leave really late tomorrow night for home! I feel extra blessed today to be surrounded by so many of God’s creations. He was really with us today to let us have a safe boat ride and to let us see so many extraordinary things. I think it was a perfect tie-in to our VBS lessons. Throughout the week we talked about the creation and how God is always with us and is always for us, He definitely showed us through this tour his amazing creations.

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