The rising Tide, and the ever present Love of Christ

Today was our fourth day at Maker Fun Factory VBS. Our main focus of the day was, God will always love you! (Wow God!). One thing that really stuck out to me today was how serious the kids were during the bible story. The story was about Jesus’ journey to the cross, starting with the Passover meal where He is betrayed. Yesterday we had some difficulty during the bible story using our ears and not using our mouths. Today was very different. One of the things the kids did was write sins on paper hearts and place them on the cross. This was to help them visualize that even the sins that they commit, some 2000 years later, Jesus took to the cross with him when he died. But the story didn’t end there. We went on to share the good news about how Jesus rose from the grave and conquered sin and death. It was also important to point out to the kids that Jesus was not angry with them for the sins that they put on the cross. We let them know that Jesus forgave them and that He loves them very much.

After VBS today, two very special ladies brought us lunch. Nelly and Sarah made fish tacos for us, with a rhubarb, blueberry, and strawberry pie for dessert. I had been having a headache for most of the morning and when we were finished with lunch, Nelly came over to me and placed her hands on me and asked everyone to come and say a prayer for me. They all gathered around and Jen stared by saying a prayer in English and Nelly ended saying a prayer in Yupik, which is her native tounge. The love of Christ that is felt and shared by Nelly never ceases to amaze me. 

 Sarah also brought us some supplies so that we could continue our work sharing the transforming love of Christ, by painting the men’s restroom at the church here in Anchor Point. We had to move some of the things that are stored in there out before we could paint, and in the process of doing that we found some mold growing at the base of one of the walls. We cleaned that up and painted that room as well as the nursery room where we keep all of our supplies during the day. When we had finished our project in Anchor Point we headed out to Homer to do a little painting in their youth room. We only got to paint one wall but they were very appreciative. While I was putting some of the wall plates back up from the previous day’s painting project, I found a thank you card with our name on it tucked into the pile of wall plates. Through the words of the card, it was very evident that the love that we were sharing was being received with joy.

We ended our day by going down to the beach in Anchor Point, and using some of the coal that we had gathered the days before, we had a cookout on the beach. We didn’t get done cooking until about midnight and we were racing the tide coming in, which Autum took upon herself to remind every chance she got. But at last we had our meal cooked over the coals, with the sun setting over the volcanoes of the pacific ring of fire. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Just another reminder that God is always with us, and that His love is never ending.

Your brother in Christ,

Luke Lilienkamp

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