You Never Have To Feel Alone!

Even on day 6 my body still hasn’t gotten used to the late sunset and early sunrise. It has been a little hard waking up each morning, but the motivation of getting to teach the kids VBS wakes me up. Today our bible point was “God is always with you!” I think this was a good underlining thought for the day. Since the power was out yesterday, I did not get to show my KidVid yesterday. So, fitting in two videos in a short amount of time was a little difficult, but God is always with you. I think as the days go on I realize that I can’t only focus on overthinking how well I do with the kids, but trusting in God that He will help me teach them. The energy in the kids each day really is a God sighting. 

Today in VBS, we really stressed that God is always with you and that you don’t have to feel alone. I think this Bible point  was very comforting. The prep for the snacks and videos were a little stressful for the day, but as always it all worked out! After VBS today, we finished painting the other room’s walls in the church in Homer. Where we found out that my 6-foot wingspan is very helpful to reach the high parts of the walls! After that we then went down to the Homer Spit to do some shopping. 

The views everywhere in Alaska have me awestruck, and constantly remind me of God’s creations! On our way home, we got to see a moose on the side of the road, another great God sighting! Throughout the day, the thought that I was not alone, because of God, was a really great reminder. I think this thought will help with the rest of the trip, either teaching the kids or traveling. I am truly blessed to experience this great adventure, with God by my side!
In Christ, 


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