This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.

It all started with a shower that turned bitter cold.

Huh? What am I talking about?

While I was showering this morning, the lights flickered and then went out.  At the moment that I was covered with soap, the water turned the coldest I’ve ever felt.  That was just the start of the day’s adventure.

 The question the team had to quickly answer was, how do we do VBS in the dark?  The answer, remarkably well.

We did a little rewrite of the schedule, relocating a craft, and making the Spotlight Video truly a spotlight activity.  With the MacGyver ingenuity our teams have developed over the years, we were able to amplify the music off of Gretchen’s phone for Sing and Play.  Mary Anne and Luke performed their skit by battery powered flicker lights.  Crafts was in the most natural lighted room and games was in the dark sanctuary.  Bible Story Adventures worked out well for Luke who had built a room for the kids to hide in as a part of Rahab’s story.  He needed it to be dark, and it sure was.  Our closing was also modified due to the lack of video capability, so Mary Anne got creative with the Spotlight video by having the kids act it out on the spot.

The things the team learned today is 1) when God is For Us (the Bible point for the day), even a little lack of electricity can’t be against us.  And 2) the kids in Anchor Point can be remarkably understanding and responsible when drastic changes have to be made with short notice.

We enjoyed lunch in the dark and then off to Homer to paint the preschool rooms.  One room finished and one room prepped for paint tomorrow.  Dinner on the Spit, a walk on the beach, and back to Anchor Pont to prepped for VBS tomorrow.  

Oh, almost forgot, the electricity did come back on about 2pm.



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