Driving to Anchor Point

Today we headed to our home away from home for the next week. We were able to sight see on the way down to Anchor Point. Our first stop was at Beluga Point. I teared up when I got out of the van because of the beauty that God has created for us. I got to see my first glacier! Then Luke hollered at us to turn around. There was a mountain on the other side of the road and he spotted mountain goats. 

Next we stopped at a gas station, gift shop and ice cream shop. Of course Autumn and I had to get ice cream. While we were talking with the server she asked where we were going. We told her Anchor Point to teach VBS. She was excited because she had heard about the VBS missions. 

Our next stop was in Whitter. The only way to get to Whitter is by a one lane tunnel through a mountain. Each way takes turns on a 15 minute schedule. Before we went through the tunnel it was nice and sunny when we crossed into Whitter the clouds rolled in. Whitter is mostly now a fishing community.  There were glaciers all around. The glaciers melt some during the warmer months and produce these beautiful water falls. But boy the water was cold! While we were walking around we met another family that had just finished Maker fun factory VBS. 

It is a long drive down through the Keni Penisula. This gave us time for getting to know each other better. While we were getting closer to Anchor Point heavy fog set in. We did get to see one of the three volcanos poking through though.

We were greeted by Ruhiyyih with a hug. Even though this is mine and Autumn’s first time she treated us like family!

It is amazing to me the connections with people through God I am making. Today was a perfect reminder! I am truly looking forward to meeting all the kids and sharing God’s love with them. Thank you so much for your contributions and prayers. I am so very blessed!

In Christ,
Jackie Garvey

2 thoughts on “Driving to Anchor Point

  1. Alaska scenery does not disappoint! So excited for you and Autumn on your first mission adventure! Looking forward to hearing the daily updates!!!

  2. I am so glad you and Autumn are able to take part in this exciting mission. It is truly a life changing experience, and will without a doubt make you feel forever closer to God and the family of believers.

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