The three little Lilienkamps

Today was our the first day of our great adventure in Alaska. Even for those of us who have been on this trip before we’re not exactly sure what to expect, because the people who have picked us up at the airport every year and coordinated our arrival have passed the torch on to someone else. We arrived in Anchorage around 7 O’clock PM and walked toward the baggage claim, hoping to see someone holding a sign that said something to the effect of “AMC”. As it turned out, that is exactly what we found. 

A wonderful woman by the name of Darlene welcomed us to Anchorage with a wonderful smile, and welcoming arms. We had some introductions and went to retrieve our luggage. Then we went outside to find the van where Darlene’s husband was waiting for us. As soon as I saw the man I knew there was something familiar about him. I just couldn’t place it. As he walked around the van and was introducing himself and asking people for their names he got to me a stopped. He looked me over and then without me saying a word he said, “and you’re Luke.” Everyone, his wife Darlene included just looked at us confused. I knew I had met him before but I couldn’t find his name. He quickly told me that his name was Carl Lilienkamp, and I then remembered meeting him in Concordia, MO at a PMT event. 

Carl is my first cousin twice removed. For those of you who have not been in my Sunday school class when we were reading through Judges, that makes him my Grandfather’s first cousin. As we got reacquainted we discovered that this was the largest gathering of Lilienkamps in Alaska to date. We were a little afraid that Alaska might not be able to handle it but we decided to proceed with the plan. After getting our rental van, the team then headed to our usual first meal location, La Mex. 

Much like any journey in life, God had the entire plan worked out even before we started planing. We didn’t know what to expect when we arrived, but God had it all laid out for us, just as he always has. Even if part of that plan was to add another hornery Lilienkamp to mix, God knows what he is doing, and he never gives us more than he can walk us through. We are looking forward to gathering supplies, and making our way to our mission location, and would once again like to thank everyone who is praying for us back home, and for all who made our mission possible. Mary Anne is especially thankful to all of those who purchased enough car wash tickets so that she didn’t have to walk all the way here.

Well it’s getting late, not that anyone told the sun that up here, and we are getting ready to sleep and recover from our travels. We have a big day ahead of us, and an exciting journey to make. Good night all! 

Your Brother in Christ, Luke Lilienkamp

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