Preparation and Anticipation

After a much needed night’s sleep to get us re-set to Alaska time, we started the morning with an orientation and devotion with Darlene and Carl.  For me, this was sort of bittersweet, as this was the first time we haven’t had Glenn and Susan from Qunicy as our host.  But, it was a lovely devotional (Luke  18:35-43) which allowed us to reflect on our travels, the purpose of our mission, and our interactions with those that we encounter.  
Following the orientation, it was time for the supply run.  On the way we had our first moose sighting – which was such a surprise, no one managed to take a picture.  As Jackie said, we took pictures with our brains.   Anyway, as in previous years, we are incredibly fortunate to have a partnership with Faith Lutheran in Homer.  We have been in communication with Faith and are blessed to have many items already accounted for. However, there is always a list of necessary items that need to be purchased once we’re here.  So the team hit Walmart and divided and conquered.  While tackling my portion of the list, I struck up a conversation with a lovely woman, her daughters, and her grandson. The woman said that she had returned to Anchorage, her home for over 30 year, after living in Michigan for the past 14 years.  She said that they had to return to work on the house they had been renting out to do some major renovations.  It seems that the family they had rented to had caused major damage to the home – tearing out light fixtures, pulling out wiring, putting holes in the walls, etc.  She was clearly upset, not only about the undertaking of the repairs, but that the home in which she had raised her children had been so ill cared for.  When our conversation was ending, I told her that I would pray for her and her family and the work they were they were going to have to do.  The woman’s eyes teared up, she started smiling, and said that she had chills.  We ran into each other a few more times in the store, and each time she mentioned how appreciative she was for the prayer.  It always amazes me at how simple and how powerful the act of prayer can be.  

After all the supplies (we hope) were gathered, we grabbed a quick sandwich and headed out for a little exploring.  We drove north out of Anchorage and went to Thunderbird Falls State Park, a lovely little hike with the payoff of a beautiful waterfall at the end.  It was a nice opportunity for the team to spend some time in fellowship together among God’s creation.  And then there were the mosquitos…which led to fun filled game of ‘Whack-a-‘Squito.’  Luke at one point threatened to leave the corpses of the pests where they met their demise to serve as a warning to the others. 

Dinner was in Wasilla, with some lovely live music.  Then, we took the scenic way back to Anchorage.  Today was a good day,  but we’re all very eager to get up in the morning, and hit the road down to the Kenai Penninsula and Anchor Point.  We’ve been preparing for months for this and now the time has finally come to transition from thinking to doing.   The blessings that we have received from our families, friends, and Campus Church family are ready to be passed forward to the families in Anchor Point.  I am so excited to get back to see children and families we know, as well as to meet new friends.  We all feel God with us and know that He will guide our words and actions and provide for our needs.  Thank you for your continued prayers – they are very much appreciated.

In Christ –

Mary Anne

1 thought on “Preparation and Anticipation

  1. It is always amazing at the work God has in store for our team members outside of the planned mission. It’s a great reminder that EVERYWHERE we go, we are witnesses for Christ.

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