New Beginnings

The mission trip is coming to a close.  Pastor Kent and Norah have already left for the airport.  The rest of us will be leaving Alaska in roughly four hours.  Exhaustion is hitting the team hard.  We are willing ourselves to stay awake so we will be tired enough to sleep overnight on the plane.

This morning we joined the congregation of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Anchorage, AK for a worship service.  Everyone was very friendly.  When we were given time to greet the other worshippers, many people came over to ask us about our time in Alaska and where we were from.  They were appreciative of our service to Anchor Point.

Beautiful Savior

We then explored Anchorage, visiting places like The Ulu Factory and the downtown market.  Even though we were all very tired from our week of VBS, we made the most of our last day in Alaska.

It’ll be sad to leave this beautiful state behind.  One of the things I’ll miss the most is something completely unexpected.  I’ve had many opportunities to experience the kindness of others, even though I came here with the intention of bestowing my kindness onto them.

I’m also going to miss the scenery and wildlife.  I have many pictures to document my trip, but those pictures won’t be the same as actually standing on the beach as I look at the volcanos across the bay.  The fireweed is also a sight the I’m going to sorry to leave behind.  The purple-pink flower is one of the first things to grow after a wildfire, so it can symbolizes new beginnings.  I am choosing to see the trip home as a new beginning instead of an ending.

Kate Fireweed.png

Needless to say, this trip has been a fun and eye-opening experience.  Please pray for safe travels home.  I’m excited to share our Alaska adventures with the Campus Lutheran congregation once we return home.

1 thought on “New Beginnings

  1. So anxious to hear your report!!!! Bless you all for your service to/through/from CLC and the strong witness and love you always share with all you meet in Alaska. Can we grow fireweed in Missouri? We really must try!!!!

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