God’s Promises, And The Rainbow Connection

Today was our last day in Homer and Anchor Point. We got to sleep in, YAY!! We got up around 7:30 or 8:00 and prepared for our day of travel and occasional sightseeing. We stopped at a local farmers market in Homer, where some local jelly was purchased by some of the team members. Then we made our way to the Spit to check in for our boat tour.

The boat that we were taking was named “The Rainbow Connection.” The boat was painted to look like a rainbow at the bow and as it went back it was a purple color. We boarded the boat and made our way out to sea. We got to see lots of Sea Otters, Birds, and even a few Humpback Whales! The boat took us from the Spit in Homer to a small town called Seldovia. This is the small town that one of our first mission teams to Alaska did their work.


We had lunch, took in some local shops, and found our way to the small Catholic/Lutheran church. Yes, in some places around the world we get along… The two churches share a building and the Lutheran church holds services on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. Pastor Syth, who is the pastor of Faith Lutheran in Homer, is the pastor for this congregation as well. It is something like having a dual perish.


We were told that we needed to go visit the Big Butt Bakery in town, because the owners of the bakery housed the team we sent there in 2013. We were sad to find out that the bakery was no longer there. We then boarded the ship and headed back to Homer to get our things and make the long trip back to Anchorage. This week there was a wild fire that started near Anchorage and closed the only highway from Anchor Point to Anchorage. Last we heard it was 15% contained. The road was open but we had to drive slow through some parts of it.

As I sit here and think about the day, and the events of the week I am reminded of God’s promises and the new life that he brings us in His Son, Christ Jesus. Our boat today reminded me of His promise to Noah, that he would never destroy the entire earth with a flood again. This got me thinking about things that do destroy parts of God’s beautiful creation. The wild fire here in Alaska came to mind, and it helped remind me that even when disasters do happen, God has a plan. After the wildfires that happen here, God brings new life to those places, making them come back more green and beautiful than they were before. Much like when He flooded the earth and brought new life upon it, it gives me a calming peace to know that when the fire has done its damage, God will swoop in with His beautiful colors and His amazing brush strokes to paint one of the most beautiful pictures ever to be seen.

I would ask all to pray for the people of Alaska who are being affected by the fire, and for our team who will be traveling tomorrow to return home. I would also ask that you would pray for those people that we had to leave back in Anchor Point, that the seeds that were sown would grow and flourish, and that the love of Christ Jesus would spread from their hearts to the hearts of those around them.

Your brother in Christ,


1 thought on “God’s Promises, And The Rainbow Connection

  1. Bless the team for sharing the Gospel and witnessing to the children of Anchor Point. Bless you all for the strong bond you’ve formed with one another. Your life will show it and you’ll never be the same. Bless you for your concern for the people and the land of Alaska. Bless you and keep you safe as you return home.

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