For this evening’s blog post, there are two things I’d like to report on.  First, a quick recap of the day’s events.  We had another great day at VBS, where we talked about Jesus’s suffering, crucifixion and resurrection for our sins.  The kids have been wonderful to work with, and judging by the smiles and hugs we’ve been receiving, they seem to think we’re pretty great too.  Our day’s VBS activities were followed by two servant events in the afternoon.  Pastor Kent, Norah, Luke and Kate did a painting and staining project at Faith Lutheran Church in Homer, while Mary Anne and I helped one of the church’s congregation members with some yard work.  We look forward to these opportunities as another way to serve God by helping the communities that have welcomed us into their lives.


This leads me to my second point of the evening, which is teamwork.  The work we are doing would not be possible with the six of us acting individually.  But together as a team, we are able accomplish great things.  I would like to further say that serving with this team here in Alaska has been nothing but a pleasure for me.  Eating, sleeping and working side-by-side in tight quarters for eight days now, one would expect everyday stresses to surface, and disagreements and even occasional arguments to erupt, but that has not been the case.  So last night, after praying and before falling to sleep, I began reflecting back to Jesus’ disciples during His ministry days, and how it must have been for them.  Like us, they were also a team who were also eating, sleeping and working side-by-side in tight quarters, in their case for several years.  How, I asked, did they handle being brought together to travel away from the comforts of their homes and families?  The answer: Their trust in Christ, whom they were following and serving.  To be sure, the patience of the disciples was tested and quarrels happened, and as our kids at VBS learned today, the disciples even fled and abandoned Jesus on the night before his crucifixion.  But they eventually returned to Him, and following Jesus’ ascension, they continued their work and again left behind the familiar and traveled throughout the known world preaching the good news of God’s saving grace through Jesus.  To this day, from time to time, God calls His servants to do just that.  That is exactly what Kent, Norah, Mary Anne, Luke, Kate and I have done, are doing here in Alaska, and I feel truly blessed and privileged to be part of this team in God’s service.

Your brother in Christ,

Bryan Ross

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