Sharing the Love of Christ

​In our VBS lesson today we learned that Peter was given courage to walk to Jesus on the water in the midst of a storm (Matthew 14:22-33). As Peter trusted Jesus he was able to do the impossible. When he turned away he began to sink. Even as he was sinking our Lord pulled Peter up to safety. And Jesus does the very same for us.

Since we’ve been here in Alaska we’ve heard of some of the storms that children and their families have been facing. Moves. Loved ones dealing with health problems. An older sibling who has made poor choices. The search for a church home. A fire closing the highway to Anchorage. No doubt, there are other storms that haven’t been shared, but are ongoing nonetheless. What a blessing it is to have a Savior who knows these things and was lifted up on a cross to deal with them. What a privilege it is for our little team to share the abundant hope and courage that Jesus gives!

After Vacation Bible School today we were treated to lunch at the Anchor River Inn by our Yupik friend, Nellie. Two of us helped clear an overgrown yard for Bill and Delores, founding members of our host congregation in Homer. All of us are continually grateful for the generosity of God’s family.

The Lord is good, indeed!

Living and sharing the love of Christ with you,

Pastor Kent

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