Many Mansions in Alaska

by Bryan Ross

In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. (John 14:2)

During our journey to Anchor Point yesterday, we received some news that had the potential to present quite an obstacle to our team.  Our contact person in Anchor Point texted us to tell us that the church is having boiler problems, and as such there is no hot water.  For the rest of the drive we looked forward to a week of ice-cold showers and having to boil water to wash dishes.  We persevered, and despite some shivering and chattering teeth last night, we managed to shower and get ourselves bedded down for the evening.  What we realized in the middle of the night, as the temperature dropped outside, was that the lack of a working boiler didn’t just mean no hot water, but also no heat for the church.   But again, despite the forecast for lower temperatures for the evenings in the upcoming week, we persevered and traveled to the town of Homer to worship with our sister congregation at Faith Lutheran.  It was during and after lunch that our housing prospects changed.  Hearing about our lack of heat and hot water in Anchor Point, the congregation at Faith generously offered to us their church building for the week, giving us a place to sleep and shower and prepare and eat our meals.  What a blessing!  But God was not done, and had even more blessings in store for us.  The Pastor of the church in Anchor Point, also knowing of our misfortune, told us that because he will be traveling to Seattle this week, offered us his house.  If we wanted to sleep there, shower, do laundry, or anything we needed, he was offering his home to us.  So in a matter of hours we went from having difficulties and discomfort to having our choice of places to live.  Thanks to God for giving us friends, thousands of miles from our home, to care for us while we at the same time are here serving their neighbors.


Faith Lutheran Church – Homer, Alaska

It is now 11:30 at night, and it will be getting dark soon, so I will say good night from Alaska.  The church has been decorated.  The snacks and games are prepared.  And God’s servants are filled with His Holy Spirit and ready to share the good news of Jesus to the children of Anchor Point tomorrow!


Pastor Kent and Mary Anne hanging decorations

1 thought on “Many Mansions in Alaska

  1. God is at work answering our prayers before we even know we need to pray! Keep looking for those God sightings@@@

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