I Love McChickens

As a teacher that takes frequent trips with students for various FFA and leadership events, eating is a staple to any venture outside the county. A constant favorite along the road in the big yellow schoolbus is a stop at the Big M Supper Club, better known as McDonald’s. I LOVE eating a McChicken. The fried “McChicken” sandwhich with a proportional piece of lettuce and dollap of mayonaise just hits the spot. When you get that ordered with a medium fry and large $1 drink, you might as well change your Facebook status to “#dayismade”.

The taste of the McChicken is reason enough for liking it, yet there is another component for my ever-slight obsession with the sandwhich; it’s consistancy. Whether I’m in Columbia, Missouri or Homer, Alaska, the sandwhich is vertially the same. Sure, maybe that dollop of mayo might be varying in size or the wrapping of the sandwhich in the paper is done at a different angle, but in the end, the components of that meal is essentially standardized. 

Just like the consistancy of that tasty Mc-D’s sandwhich, this week at the Mt. Everest Vacation Bible School in Anchor Point, Alaska, we have been able to see the work of the Holy Spirit, the ever-flowing generousity of Jesus Christ, and the power and  love of God the Father work consistantly in our Mission of planting seeds of faith with the children in this area of Alaska. 
Our theme of teaching the kids at VBS each day that God has the POWER to provide (day 1), comfort (day 2), heal (day 3), forgive (day 4), and love forever (today). It’s obvious that God has loved everyone, everywhere, forever. God showed his love in the Old Testament to Elijah in 1 Kings by providing him with food and water while hiding from the corrupt King Ahab (a story shared with the VBS kids on Monday).  God has shown his love for our team through safe travels and opportunities to serve others. He has shown his love for the children we have served this week by placing allowing us to teach them.  God is consistant in His love and will continue to do so. 

The enthusiasm to share the love of Christ is consistant throughout the world. Just this week, we have met other teams serving in the Alaska Mission for Christ from varying regions of the country. The enthusiasm of kids to learn of His love is apparent in here in Alaska, just as it is back in Missouri. 

His love is also consistantly apparent in different cultures. Just today, a member of the church in Anchor Point,  Nelly, asked if she could pray a prayer of praise with us at the conclusion of our VBS. She prayed with us in Yup’ik. Being able to communicate with God in a different language shows that God consistantly allows his people to talk with him, no matter the language, race, affliation, or what have you.

Our prayer tonight (or this morning), is that all people have the opportunity to recognize God’s love as it comes to you. His love may come by providing our neccessities (2 Corinthians 9:8), comforting us in time of need (2 Corinthians 1:4), or forgiveness (Psalm 147:3). Yet, all these things are Christ’s LOVE! And he’s pretty darn consistant in showing us his love, wherever we go! 
Oh, He even fulfilled our wants today, because we got to see a Brown bear fishing for salmon in a river. Our team has now arrived in Seward, Alaska and is ready for a day of adventures tomorrow. Please pray for our team’s safe travels and ability to show God’s LOVE through our actions! 

Yours in Christ, 


1 thought on “I Love McChickens

  1. What an amazing Blessing your team has been in Alaska and sharing with us back in Missouri! May God continue to wrap you in His protection and bring you safely home.

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