This is not a drill!!!

Today was a fantastic day. Day four of VBS was a great one. It was especially eye opening for me since I was able to see the kids really enjoying their time with us. I recieved many thank yous and hugs for us being there. At snack time this was the second day that I made snow flakes with the kids and we wrote our God sightings on them. They were so excited to be doing something as simple as making snowflakes out of paper.  We were tied with Tuesday for the record number of kids, at 34. 

After VBS we hit up the Blue Bus to get their famous milkshakes, which hit the spot. It got its name from the fact that everything use to be served out of the blue bus. But the bus is now permanently attached to the building. They were pretty fantastic. After the bus as we were heading back to the SPIT we spotted a female MOOSE!!!! We were all super excited to get to see another one. Again we had to turn the car around to get a better look. 

At the SPIT we did some shopping, walking on the beach…and for the boys, napping. It has been one of the most beautiful days since we have been here. It was warm and sunny. We even spotted an eagle flying around.

Then we headed back to Liz’s house to help with some more cleaning since we felt the urge to finish the rooms we started.  Her friends and family were extremely thrilled to see us again. It was a large task to tackle, but a good feeling to see progress in the house.  

On the was home when stopping for gas we SAW A BULL MOOSE!!!!! It was just the icing on the cake to a great day. We were not all together so this is where the “this is not a drill” came into play.  I had to call Mary Anne to come see the moose and while on the phone I heard her yell “this is not a drill…where are the key? Where are the keys?” They were also able to make it to see the bull moose. We were just 15 yards the moose while he just munched on some grass. What a wonderful God sighting!! 

We are all a little sad that tomorrow is the last day of VBS.




1 thought on “This is not a drill!!!

  1. Felt the Holy Spirit in this post. Know you are a blessing to the children and are being truly blessed in your service work and fellowship. Prayers for an AMAZING conclusion to an amazing experience.

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