“God Has the Power to Provide” was the lesson focal point today for our first day of VBS. And the Lord does provide greatly for us every day, all day.We woke up this morning with the rest that God provided for us during the night. God provided us with light and warmth (Alaska style). Then 9 am rolled around. God once again provided us with what we needed when we needed it. He provided us with 27 children to start our new year of VBS. God provided us with smiles and smiles in return as we renewed friendships with returning students and made new friendships with new children. God has provided us with additional invitations as well. We’ve already been informed that 7 more children will be joining us tomorrow.

God provided us with wonderful team members who interacted with the children in encouraging ways. One of these team members is Sean Frankenbach who is acting as our Bible Story guide this week. He did such a wonderful job of sharing how God provided for Elijah, students began sharing other Bible stories where God has also provided for His people.

God provided us with a wonderful afternoon in which to enjoy His beautiful creation with a trip to the historic Russian Orthodox Church in Ninilchik and some time on the beach. One of the traditional activities for our teams is to pick up the “pretty” rocks along the beach.

God provided us (the non-front seat riders) with some entertainment on the way home, while waiting in the queue for the construction zone flagger to give us the go sign.  God provided us with a delicious meal made by team member, Kristin Duque.

If that is what God provided for us in the first day of VBS, the second day will only be more wonderful than the first.


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