the Sunday before it all starts

After spending our first night in Anchor Point,  we awoke this morning ready to start the day off with church at Faith Lutheran Church, in Homer. Homer is just 15 miles south of Anchor Point. Many of the congregation members there remembered the members of our group that had previously been on this trip. They welcomed us all with open arms and even blessed us with a wonderful potluck meal after the service.  From there we packed up all of the leftover supplies that Faith had used for their vbs and brought it back to Anchor Point.  Today God blessed us with beautiful, sunny clear weather that was perfect for sight seeing. On our way back we took a quick detour through Homer and saw the spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and the spit, the strip along the water. We even spotted a female MOOSE just before returning to the church at Anchor Point. After returning we spent the rest of the evening setting up all of our decorations and preparing for what God has in store for us tomorrow. We are all excited to see what tomorrow will bring.  And I still don’t think we have all adjusted to the amount of light difference because it is currently 1130 and light out and most are still awake…but feeling we should be in bed. 

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