July 18, 2015

The Alaska Mission group has reached Anchor Point. This will be the place that we will be doing VBS with the kids in Alaska. We made it safely without incident from Anchorage and have gotten all of the supplies for the first part of the week. Around halfway to Anchor Point we stopped off at a Chugach National Park for our days enjoyment. We hiked for around 5 miles over the river and through the woods to the hand crank lift.  Unfortunately there was no wild life to be seen even though the entire group were looking and even calling for bears and moose.

It seems easy to look up at the wall of mountains and trees and have your breath taken away from you by God’s handy work. Yet we were reminded this morning that everywhere you are it is easy to see His work in nature and in the other people you are with. One of the nicest things about our hike was the helpful hand that groups of men were willing to extend when it came to the lift. On both sides there was always at least one volunteer helping to make sure everybody could enjoy getting across.

We continue asking for your thoughts and prayers for us through this upcoming week. This trip while being much fun with the sightseeing and  fellowship has also been quite stressful in the planning and the trip. Please pray for us to be well rested and ready to share the good news throughout our VBS mission. Thank you and Goodnight from your Campus Lutheran Mission Team in Anchor Point Alaska.

Peter Greimann

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