Patience Is A Virtue

One of our favorite people and helpers for Alaska Mission for Christ, Susan, read us this verse this morning: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” Romans 10:15. That verse could not be more perfect for all of the teams that come to Alaska to share the good news of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God has charged us with spreading his word and love to those who have need of it and what better place to work than one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Today the team traveled to Talkeetna, Alaska in hopes of seeing Mount McKinley, or Denali. There are many people that say only two thirds of the visitors that hope to see the mountain get to see it due to the fog and clouds not cooperating. We arrived and it was pretty cloudy and a bit rainy so we couldn’t see it. But we decided to visit the small town, shop around, bide our time, and check it out again later. We got to meet the mayor, Stubbs, who is a cat and well named. Some of us enjoyed some Fireweed Ice Cream (Yum!) and we all just enjoyed walking around. After a couple of hours we went back to the river in front of the mountain hoping to catch a glimpse. After all, the rain had let up for a bit and we could see patches of blue sky through the gloomy, gray clouds. Alas, we still couldn’t see it. We spent a little more time along the river skipping rocks and collecting rocks but still never got to see it. 

But that’s okay. It just wasn’t His plan for us to see it today and that’s just fine. Instead, he tried our patience with all the waiting around and even with disappointment we made it through the visit. 

After Talkeetna we headed home but found out that Hatcher’s Pass was open and Jen decided we would travel through that way. Little did we know that our trek would be muddy in a lot of places and a bit narrower in others. Honestly, I am glad we made the journey. We got to see wonderful mountains covered in greenery and clear waterfalls trickling down those mountains. God has done some amazing work here in Alaska!

I’m ready to get started with VBS in Anchor Point but I have to be patient and wait until Monday. 

We have a request from all of you:  We love, need and appreciate the prayers that your are sending us; specifically a special person/people every day. BUT, we would like to add a special prayer of thanks for our friends Glenn and Susan. This couple is actually from Illinois and were so happy to see some fellow mid-westerners. 🙂 They help AMC for two months every summer for the last four years and volunteered doing trips like we are doing for around 19 years before that! They help out running volunteers to and from the airport and hosting volunteers at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church (our base church when arriving) and assisting with orientation.  They do so much and we are all so grateful for them. The least we can do is pray for them!

Thank you so much for all of your support! Goodnight!

Hannah Lilienkamp


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