Samaritan woman and Fireweed

Day 2 of Weird Animals VBS in Anchor Point was a hit. We had all the children who attended Day 1 back with us today. What a blessing! They walked through the door with smiles and energy for another day at VBS where Jesus’ Love is One-of-a-Kind.
The story today was the Samaritan woman at the well. Katie, one of our teen helpers, did a wonderful job as the Samaritan woman for us. Hannah shared her with you yesterday as one of our Cross stories.
Our first Cross Story is the attentiveness of the children today. They were so eager to be here, so ready to participate, and so excited to learn. When Hannah did her closing skit where she was to mix up a cake that did not have traditional ingredients, the students were so quiet and reflective over what she was doing, it made us adults giggle. We heard whispered comments like “She’s crazy”; “I’m not eating that cake”. There was one particular little girl, Caelis (4), who was very shy yesterday, just beamed while she watched. She leaned over to Mary Anne and said, “She doesn’t know how to bake.”
Our second Cross Story for today was granted to us by Zayne and Jaxon, two of our returning students. These fine young men (ages 6 and 4, respectfully) and their mom shared with us that today would be the last day for them as the family must go to Anchorage for several days for special doctors visits. At the end of our time today, we gave the boys bags with the crafts and gizmos for the rest of the week. Their faces looked so sad that they couldn’t come any more this week. Then Zayne asked, “Will you come back next year?” His mom looked at us and asked as well. She wanted to know when it would be as soon as possible so she could block the time on her calendar to make sure they could attend. How wonderful that we have made that much of an impact on these little guys in such a short time.
Our team bible study today was about being servants. The main reason our team is in Alaska is to serve the community of Anchor Point in the surrounding area. In our serving, we have found that many of those we came to serve wish to serve us in return. Ruhiyyih, mentioned in previous posts, asked for the opportunity to do this. It was decided that what she would do would be to teach us to make Fireweed Jelly. Fireweed is a wildflower that grows profusely in the area. The folk story of fireweed is that it blooms from bottom up marking the progression of summer. When the top blooms, summer’s over. The flower is edible and is similar to honeysuckle in flavor.
In order to make jelly, we needed to pick a kitchen garbage can full of blooms first. No problem, it grows everywhere. Over 2 1/2 hours later, we only had 3/4 of a garbage can full. Ruhiyyih stopped by this evening, proudly we show her our work, and she giggled and said, “That’s a good start.” We had to put off our jelly making project until tomorrow in order to gather some more blossoms in order to make a worthwhile batch. Luckily, the church in Homer has a nice field of fireweed behind their building, so we will head down there to harvest some more tomorrow. (This also ties back to our bible study – read John 4:37) We’ll update you on our jelly tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “Samaritan woman and Fireweed

  1. What a wonderful story. The impact and relationships you are building are truly God’s work. Praying for Zayne and Jaxon and their family that all goes well with their visit to the doctor.

  2. Have you found someone to take you halibut fishing? Another fish bake is a MUST. Praying that as you serve as “fishers of children” to hear the Gospel, you will also find time to fish for fish.

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