Saturday July 19th, 2014

Today was our planned travel day from Anchorage to Anchor Point. We were greeted this morning with rain, but the barometer in our room leaned towards a not-so-stormy forecast. We had some fellow travelers arrive early in the morning from the Chicago area, and their mission is for an area located up north.

After packing all our gear, we headed out and stopped off for a few grocery items and then some fuel for the van (the price per gallon was $4.09, the lowest seen all day). We made our way to Seward Hwy to head south towards Anchor Point. The weather seemed to be clearing up a little.

On the way, we stopped at the town of Hope. It was a small town with some shops that housed crafts, as well as older buildings with antiques and other historic information. There were quite a few others stopped off there as well, perhaps because it was Saturday. Here we fixed our lunches and enjoyed some fresh air and a break in the clouds.

While traveling towards Anchor Point, it became evident that we were traveling towards a more remote region. Our cellphone reception was intermittent, and attempts at radio stations became futile on my ipod. I did notice many people fishing today. Although it was the weekend, and a lot were likely getting recreation, it became clearer the reliance of the fishing industry for the livelihood of many here.

About an hour outside of our destination, we spotted the prevalent and highly reputable animal, the moose. This one, our first siting of the trip, walked slowly from the opposite side of the road as we drove by. She made it across safely, picking up the pace and finding a clearing a few cars behind us.

We made it to Church of the Nazarene at close to 5pm. We unloaded our things and were greeted by Ruhiyyih, a member at Faith Lutheran – Homer, and later the Pastor of the church, Pastor Steve. They told us some details about future plans for the next day and left us to run the place for the night. Our group enjoyed a nice chili dinner with a short Bible study.

We plan to attend service tomorrow and prepare for VBS for the week.

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