Seldovia Report

Yesterday was interesting here in Seldovia. We started with Sharon not feeling up to snuff. Her back really hurt and she had some tummy issues. When we got to VBS we ended up sending one of our little guys home with a fever! Apparently there is a 12-hour bug going around! We are leaving Friday and we are hoping none of the rest of us experiences this! The boat ride back would not be fun.

We wrapped up our VBS at the Community center yesterday and sent home the Legos and the Psalm 23 bags. Jen Pierce spent a good deal of time figuring out how to put all 5 memory verses on Legos. The students having been then building with the blocks and finding the daily memory verses.

Our Noah has been asking every day to highlight the new verse in his Bible!
We’ve made friends with Robin, Noah’s mom and Elena, Ivan’s mom. They have been giving us good ideas for next year. We are hoping Gretchen, the DCE from Homer, will be able to do some follow up with them.

We are looking forward to our closing picnic on the outer beach tomorrow with the kids and there families!

In the morning Ken will be going over to the Seldovia Library and playing his guitar for Preschool time. Merlin is coming to pick up later in the day, we assured him that we are not bringing back as much stuff! Sharon has been our one to take pictures and I don’t have access to them. We will add extras tomorrow!

Thank you for all of your prayers. We daily see multiple God sightings! One of these God sightings happended on the walk up to the community center. We met a couple walking by who asked us for directions, this happens often! We stopped and talked a bit. Turns out they are Lutheran and from Grand Rapids. They said they would pray for our VBS!

In His Service,


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