Trusting God everyday

–Posted by Grand Yang

How time flies! Our vacation bible school has only one day left. Today is a wonderful day that all of us stand strong together. The theme of our bible adventure today is trusting God helps us stand strong. We need God, just like we need fresh air to breath. We love God, just like mice love rice. We trust God, just like the son believes in his father.

Although I am the only Chinese in this group, I never feel that I am a foreigner because we are just like a big family. We work together and care about each other so much. We decorate the church together with the paper walls, wooden cross, balloons, and all other stuffs. Our kingdom rock has five cartoon characters each of which will teach us something. Today our character is a lion which teaches us trusting God helps us stand strong.

In the Bible adventure of yesterday, I was playing the role of Nehemiah who rebuilt the city of Jerusalem. At first, I was concerned that I cannot play this role well because of my non-native accent and Asian face which may make this role seem a little bit weird. So I prayed to God, told God that I really want to do well. Also, Pastor Kent helped me a lot. We rehearsed together, and he made me relax and be confident. Although I do not have perfect native accent, I tried my best to make my voice loud that all the kids can listen. Hopefully I can get their attention as long as possible. In the meantime, we need to build the paper boxes which stands for the walls of Jerusalem. Amazingly we have a perfect mocker, Sir. Bryan, who really did a good job to mock us. Because our lesion is to pray when someone made fun of us. I really appreciate Pastor Kent and Sir. Bryan who help me greatly in this part.



In the Bible adventure today, we showed how Jesus died for us on the cross. He is so innocent who did not sin at all. All our sins are forgiven, and his blood sets us free. However, he rose again three days later and his reign begins. We are so lucky to have our king, Jesus, Lamb of God. You are my strength when I am weak, you are the treasure that I seek, and you are my all in all.


Look at these cute faces! We have 27 kids total in today, five of them are in our group. Those 22 kids are from local families, who are really funny and awesome. Our VBS only lasts one week, happy time is usually very short. However, I really wish that we can plant the seed of God that can renew their lives, and live in the glory of God.

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