God at Work in Anchor Point

– Wednesday posts provided by Brennen, Norah & Emma Pierce


Today at VBS we shared the story of Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem.  He prayed to God to send people to work on the wall.  God blessed him by sending so many people that the wall was finished in just a few days.  My friend, Grand, played Nehemiah in our Bible Adventure.  Grand is a member of our church, part of our mission team, but he also comes from China.  It was special to teach Grand about Nehemiah when he was preparing to play the part.

After lunch, most of our team walked into Anchor Point and then down to the beach along the Anchor River.  I got to play in the water, throw rocks, and even saw some Salmon swimming upstream.  God blessed me with a great day.  ~ blog by Brennen


Tomorrow I will have a role in the Fanfare Finale.  I will explain how God plays a big role in our lives.  He is the one that shows us the right path, even though we may want to go on a different path.  ~ blog by Norah


Today, we were invited to dinner at the house of church members where we are staying.  They cooked over a bonfire and we also roasted marshmallows. We had walked to the house since it was just down the road, but on the way back we took a shortcut through the woods and enjoyed each others company and laughter. ~ blog by Emma


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