Day 3 in Seldovia, Alaska

Blog by Ken Greimann~

Today is Wednesday, hump day, and we decided to go for it and pack as much into this hump as possible.

We three men folk (Aaron, Tyler and myself) got to spend the morning doing manly things. The little A-frame church here in Seldovia called St. James Church, which is used both by the Catholics and the Lutherans, was pretty much buried by this humongous evergreen tree. We were provided a chainsaw and pruning shears and we gave that tree a haircut. Now you can actually see the little church from the street. Even the locals not connected with the church thanked us for our clean-up contribution.

Our VBS program today brought us a new face – a relative of some of the other students. He added some new enthusiasm to everybody and everything today, as he requested some of the songs and got into everything we did. Our little first grade buddy, the EGR (extra grace required) is an absolute gem and joy to us all, as he is extremely bright, has a heart the size of a freight train and a bottomless spunky personality. Mr. Aaron and I continue to tag team him as he resembles the energizer bunny and rarely takes a break from moving. He comes every day with the Bible he was given and has all of our daily verses highlighted and can read them. Scripture tells us to “tie God’s word around our neck.” I suspect that this little guy sleeps with it under his pillow every night.

We have been loading the kids up each day with crafts to take home that have something to do with the lesson of the day, and the kids go out the door bouncing with their bounty singing their favorite song of the day. If that is not planting seeds, I do not know what is!

We end each day with a Bible study, led by a different team member each evening. That has turned into a very close, personal, special time for each of us, as we ponder back over our day and reflect how God is in the midst of it all, guiding and providing.

The guys ended the day with a long hike through the woods on the “Otter-bon” trail (there are both sea otters and land otters here). It took us through dense forest and over steep hills but rewarded us with a breathtaking view of the ocean at the far end.

We were blessed by two fishermen on Monday who handed us a large trout and a salmon that they had just caught. They even filleted them for us. We baked them and remarked to young Tyler as we were eating them, “This was a common food of Jesus and the disciples.” Kind of an appropriate thing to do while on a missionary journey.

Once again, thank you to all who are supporting us in prayer. We thank you for joining us in this ministry outreach to these kids way out here away from the rest of the world.

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