Tuesday in Seldovia

Blog post by Aaron Paterson~

Tuesday was another beautiful morning in Seldovia. We all slept comfortably and enjoyed a nice cereal and yogurt breakfast. We then decided to scope out a cool place we saw down by the slough on our way into town. The place was called “Fenske’s Hightide Originals – Warehouse Books and Coffee.” This may have been the coolest place we’ve seen yet. There is a small path down from the road that led to the small shop right on the water. The owner sells books, rocks, pottery, painting, music, ocean artifacts, coffee, and homemade cookies and muffins. While standing in his shop, amazed at the eclectic treasures we found, two dogs and tall man with white hair and a white beard appeared from the back room in the shop. The man was Fenske himself. We enjoyed his company and his stories of all of the things in his shop. We plan to go back again this week and buy a few souvenirs from our new friend.

Making friends in this town has been a real treat for us here. Being that it is a small town of less than 250, which can double in the summer due to tourism and area fisherman, it’s not hard to meet someone and then see them again later somewhere else in town and say hello. Yesterday, the same girl that served us coffee in the morning at one place, served us pizza that night at another place. We have really enjoyed walking around, taking in the scenery, and meeting as many people as possible. Yesterday that involved walking down by the slough where we met three guys from Wisconsin in town on vacation to fish. Up above on the bridge we watched two of them cast in to spot where we saw at least 50 salmon swimming around. In less than 10 minutes both guys caught a fish. They kindly asked if we wanted them, which of course we jumped at the chance to have fresh fish from Alaska. They even walked us over to the house of the water they were staying in and filleted them up for us. So for lunch today, we got to cross something off of our Alaska bucket list and ate baked salmon and trout for lunch. God is good…and so were those fish.

Day two at VBS was another success. Noah came back with his Bible, proud and excited to show up that he highlighted the memory verse from the day before. The others seemed more comfortable and continued to be great participants in the lesson of Ester that we studied. The verse of the day was from 1 Thessalonians 5:11, “So encourage each other and build each other up.” What a great verse to teach, and to remind ourselves to do everyday. Sometimes we have low moments in life, but thankfully God has given us friends and family to help build us up and keep us strong. As we are all friends and family of others, we too can be that support for others, encouraging them, building them up, and pointing them to the one thing needful, our Savior Jesus Christ.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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