God’s Love Helps Us… Stand Strong!

Today’s post is brought to you by Bryan and Becky Ross.

After months of planning, our big day has arrived!  At the opening day of Kingdom Rock VBS in Anchor Point, we had 19 children show up for three hours of fun, friendship and hearing God’s good news.  Everyone on our team pitched in to make this day a success, including the five kids.  Emma, Norah, Brennen, Kate and Colin have all stepped up and are serving as crew leaders and leading groups from station to station.  They know they have a huge role to play in the success of our mission, as they are in a unique position to witness to kids their own age.


Even though it is only the first day friendships are already being made and we are looking forward to strengthening those bonds as the week continues.  In Luke 10:27 Jesus teaches us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and it is great to see all of our team members living His command.


A personal highlight for the team today was a treat made by Becky… her famous chocolate chip cookies! They always taste great, but here in Alaska, a taste of home was that much sweeter.  What a great way to end the first day of our outreach in Anchor Point!


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