Sterling Highway


Our Saturday began with a big bacon and eggs breakfast and packing in the rain for the trip to Anchor Point.  As we started to load our van it became evident that our second vehicle, a compact car, would not offer enough additional space for the whole team and our luggage, food and supplies. Fortunately, God intervened and a cargo van arrived at the rental agency just as we were picking up our car.  We asked to take the van.  Due to a shortage of rental cars, not only were we able to get the van, but were offered a lower price than our original vehicle.  What a tremendous blessing!DSCN0425

After lunch the sun came out and we headed for Anchor Point on the Sterling Highway. Along the way we enjoyed majestic views of mountains, rivers and the sea.  We even spotted a few moose along the way.DSCN0498

Now we’re camped out at the church where one of our teams will lead VBS.  In the morning we will worship at Faith Lutheran in Homer.  We give thanks for the blessings of this day and pray for servant hearts that reflect the love of Christ.DSCN0609

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